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Back to School!!

Finally! The kids are back in school, and your house can go back to normal

After a summer of dusty shoes, food spills, and kids and pets running around the house, there’s a good chance your carpet may be looking a little worse for wear. Now that school has started and the house is quiet during the day, what better time to schedule a carpet cleaning with Michigan Carpet Cleaning?

Pollen is another great reason to get your carpets cleaned. All spring and summer, your carpet has been accumulating allergens. A deep carpet cleaning from Michigan Carpet Cleaning will loosen and remove these contaminants trapped deep in the fibers of your carpet.

We off Non-toxic products safe for your pets and children. Our method will also have your carpets dry in 5 hours or less! 

So, how about a few carpet cleaning tips for keeping your carpets looking great as the school year progresses?

  • It’s obviously a good idea to institute a no shoes on the carpet policy to make your cleaning last. But don’t forget about backpacks – you never know where they’ve been sitting!
  • Did you know you can remove crayon from carpet with your iron? Of course, if your crayon stains proves to be made of tougher stuff, the pros at Michigan Carpet Cleaning will be happy to help.
  • The vacuum can be your friend. If your little one tracks in some mud, don’t be too quick to start scrubbing. This can lead to smearing the dirt and driving it into the fibers of your carpet. You might be better served by letting the mess dry and vacuuming up what you can first.


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On time, professional, and courteous…
I was really impressed with Michigan Carpet Cleaning. They were on-time professional and courteous.They did a great job on our carpet! Highly recommend. - Dean S. | Read More Testimonials